Company Profile
UERRO Industrial Co., Ltd. Founded in 1977, is one of the pioneers of industrial computing
technology in Taiwan. With its effort and devotion, many automatic machines and innovation
have been successfully introduced and rooted to the manufacturing industry of Taiwan.
At the very beginning, capacitors were the sole product of UERRO. In order to produce more
effectively, to decrease the production cost and to assure the quality, UERRO started to develop the
automatic controllers for its own capacitor winding machines. It turned out that these controller-
added winding machines were very successful. Consequently, in addition to capacitors, UERRO
started to produce and sell the self-designed automatic winding machines from 1986, which was a
milestone for UERRO. Started from winding machines, UERRO continued designing and
automating many other machines, such as 3-D engraving machines, drilling machines and gumming
machines.With its rich experience and achievement, now UERRO has organized two lines of its
mature products, namely Industrial Personal Computer and Computer Numeric Controller,or IPC
and CNC in short.
System integration experience and ability is considered as UERRO's most precious heritage.
Although there are more and more so-called industry-expertized computer companies in Taiwan,
UERRO is one of the very few organizations which have the ability to do system integration.
In addition to system integration ability, strong and innovative R&D capability is its another
reputation. Naturally, UERRO is well known in the industrial field throughout Taiwan.
&1977 UERRO was founded
&1986 Started the FA Division
&1989 Established the IPC Division
&1991 Built up the CNC Division
&1996 Got ISO-9002 Certification
&1998 Built up the CTI Division

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