The IWS-725C is an IBM PC/AT compatible industrial computer designed specifically for use in factory
and other harsh industrial environments. The industrial workstation complies with EIA-310C 19"industrial
Rack-mount standard and has a built-in 15" color VGA monitor which has a scratch-resistant, and-glare
shield to protect its high resolution¡]1024¡Ñ768¡^CRT from outside elements. Its front panel membrane
keypad, whichconsists of full character data entry keys and function keys. The membrane is uniquely
designed on a dust-proof door, which safely protects the 1.44MB 3.5" floppy disk drive and keyboard
connector to against dust and contaminations.
* NEMA 4/12 sealed front panel
* EIA-310C 19" rack or panel mounting
* Easy slide-out disk drive and add-on card cage
* Front keyboard connector and power switch
* Control VR built-in in the front panel
* Touch screen option
Specifications General
* Construction¡Gheavy-duty aluminum
* Disk drive housing¡GOne 1.44MB3.5" floppy disk and one 3.5" HDD drive bay,One 3.5 " CD-ROM drive bay
* Sealed membrane keypad¡G
¡@60 data-entry keys
¡@24 function keys
* HDD, power LED and reset button, power switch are located at front panel
* Dimensions¡G
* Weight ¡G61.7Ibs (28kg)
* CE marking
VGA Monitor
* Screen: 15" full square display
* Power Source: 120VAC 60Hz/220VAC 50Hz
* Max resolution: 1024x768(non-interlace), 65Hz
* Horizontal freq: 30 to 54 KHz
* Vertical freq: 50 to 110KHz
Power Supply
* Output raiting : 250 watts
* Input voltage: 95 to 130VAC, 190 to 260VAC(switching)
* Input frequency¡G47 to 63HZ
* Output Voltage: +5V @25A, +12V @10A
¡@5V @0.5A, -12V @0.5A
* Safety: UL, CSA, TUV, VDE
* CE marking
Environmental Data
* Operating environment: 0 to 50 ¢J
* Storage temperature: -20 to 60 ¢J
* Relative humidity: 5% to 95%, non-condensing