* VGA, w/o SCSI
* CPU Type: Intel® Pentium-II and Pentium III
* CPU Voltage: Auto Detect
* CPU Clock: 233~600 MHz (600 up reserved)
* Power Requirement:+5V and +12V
* DRAM: up to 512MB, with four 168-pin DIMM socket on board
* Cache: Built-in CPU
* BIOS: Award PnP BIOS, Flash ROM, with VGA BIOS
* S/IO Setup: By Software configuration
* IDE Interface: Two IDE (UDMA/33), support 4 devices
* FDD Interface: Support up to two FDDs
* Serial Port: Two 16550 UARTs: COM1 for RS-232;COM2 for RS-232/422/485
* Parallel Port: Bi-directional, Support SPP/EPP/ECP.
* Watchdog: 16 Level Watchdog Timer
* SSD: 32-pin DOC socket supports up to 144Mb
* CMOS: Real Time Clock/Calendar
* Keyboard: Mini DIN Connector & external connector
* Mouse: Mini DIN Connector (selectable w/ keyboard)
* Speaker: Internal Buzzer and external Speaker connector
* VGA: C&T 65550 2M DRAM for CRT & LCD
* SCSI: Adaptec 7880, SCSI II, and Ultra-wide SCSI
* USB: Support up to two Universal Serial Bus ports.
* Bus Interface: ISA/PCI (PICMG spec); PC-104 Bus
* Green Function: Controlled by Hardware and Software
* Dimension: 338.5mm x 122mm
USC-F504 P-II/P-III Socket 370 CPU Card With VGA/ SCSI/ LAN
* VIA 82C693A, 82C686B chipset
* Supports Intel Socket 370 Celeron / PIII (FSB:66/100/133MHz)
* Three 168-pin DIMM sockets supporting up to 1.5GMB SDRAM
* PICMG standard compliant
* Ultra2 SCSI interface up to 132 MB/sec transfer rates
* Built-in Dual IDE Channel with Ultra DMA100/66/33 PCI EIDE controller
* Floppy disk interface and one SPP/EPP/ECP parallel port
* Built-in AC'97 v2.1 Digital Audio controller
* AGP bus CRT/LCD VGA display controller
* On-board PCI bus 10/100 Mbps Ethernet controller
* Two RS-232 ports with 16C550 compatible UARTs
* Four USB connectors with fuse protection. Complies with USB Spec. Rev. 1.1
* Sixteen level watch dog timer range from 1 to 160 sec
* On-Board 1.7M Byte Flash Disk and One 32-pins RAM/Flash ROM Socket (option)
* Hardware monitoring function
* Provide One Disk On Chip Socket
* ISA bus high driving
* CPU: Pentium III 66/100/133MHz FSB. Support 1.2GHz (and above)
* Bus interface: PICMG bus (PC/AT)
* Chipset :I/O, Audio: Build-in 82C686
* LAN: RTL8139C
* VGA: Chips 69000
* SCSI-2 : SYMBIOS 53C895
* 2's level cache: 128 KB on Celeron , 256 KB on Pentium III
* System BIOS : AWARD PnP BIOS with VGA BIOS in a single FLASH ROM
* Plug & Play: Dual interrupt and DMA signal steering with plug and play control
* System Memory: Three 168-pin DIMM socket up to 1.5GB. Supports 1M/2M/4M/8M/16M/ 32M/64M SDRAM
* Display: C&T 69K HiQ Video accelerator with integrated memory
* Panel: Support TFT/STN/EL/Mono LCD up to 1024x768@16bpp
* Bus: AGP Bus with Burst Mode capability. 64bit Graphics Engine
* Resolutions: Support non-interlaced CRT monitor with resolutions up to 1280x1024x8bpp
* Memory: 2MB integrated High performance SDRAM memory on chip
* LAN: PCI local bus single-chip Fast Ethernet controller and RJ-45 connector.
@@@Supports 10 Mb/s and 100 Mb/s N-way Auto-negotiation operation Compliant to PC99
* AUDIO:(option) Integrated SoundBlaster / DirectSound AC97 Audio controller in VT82C686B
@@@@32 byte FIFO of each direct sound channel. Loop back capability for re-directing mixed
@@@@audio streams into USB and 1394 speakers
* PCI Ultra2 SCSI: On-board Symbios SYM53C895 Ultra2 SCSI PCI bus controller
@Data transfer rates up to 80 MB/sec and 68pin D-type SCSI connector
@816 byte DMA FIFO for improve speed matching
@Allows up to 16 LVD SCSI device on the wide bus
@Allows total SCSI cable length up to 12 meters
@On-chip LVDlink Universal Low Voltage Differential transceivers
* USB: Four USB ports, v1.1 and Intel Universal HCI v1.0 compatible
* IDE Interface: Dual Channels Ultra-DMA 33/66/ 100MB/ sec PCI EIDE Thirty-two levels of prefetch
@@@@@@and write buffers
* Floppy Interface: Supports Up to two Floppy Disk Drives, 5.25" and/or 3.5"(720KB or 1.44MB/2.88MB)
* Serial Ports: Two 16550 Compatible RS-232C Serial Ports
* Printer Port: One SPP/ECP/EPP Bi-direction Parallel Port
* Solid state disk: Provide one M-Systems Disk On Chip Sockets (Flash disk up to 144 MB)
* RTC : Lithium battery with 10 year data retention
* Keyboard/mouse: A 6-pin mini-DIN PS/2 KBD connector and one 6pin PS/2 mouse FRC connector
* Watch Dog timer: Sixteen level watch dog timer range from 1 to 160 sec and Can generate NMI
* Power manag : Provide ATX power connector
* Dimensions: 340mm(L) x 123mm(W)
* Board Type: Dual/Side SMT, 6-Layer P.C.B
* Power Supply: +5VDC/15A(max);+12V/200mA(max);-12V/200mA(max)
* Operating temp: 32 to 140F(0 to 60 J)
* Storage temp: 4 to 248F(-20 to 120 J)
Ordering information
* USC-F504: Full Size ALL-IN-ONE Pentium III/ Celron CPU board with VGA TFT/LCD/CRT, LAN and Audio
* USC-F504: Full Size ALL-IN-ONE Pentium III/Celron CPU board with SCSI-2, VGA TFT/LCD/CRT, LAN and