USC-F602 P5/6x86 CPU Card With VGA SCSI
* VGA, w/o SCSI
* CPU Type: Intel ®, AMD, Cyrix,P54C/55C, K5/K6/K6-2, M1/M2 MMX CPUs
* CPU Voltage: 2.8 / 2.9 / 3.2 / 3.3 / 3.5V.
* CPU Clock: 75~366MHz Clock Generator
* Power Requirement:+5V and +12V
* DRAM: Up to 512MB EDO/FPM DRAM, with Four 72-pin SIMM Sockets on board
* Cache: L1 Cache: Depended on CPU type ;L2 Cache: Up to 512KB
* BIOS: Award PnP BIOS, Flash ROM, with VGA BIOS
* S/IO Setup: By Software Configuration
* IDE Interface: Two Enhanced Ides mode 4 for 4 devices
* FDD Interface: Support up to two FDDs
* Serial Port: Two 16550 UARTs COM1: RS-232;COM2:RS-232/422/485
* Parallel Port: Bi-directional, Support SPP/ EPP/ ECP
* Watchdog: 16 Level Watchdog Timer
* CMOS: Real Time Clock/Calendar
* Keyboard: Mini DIN connector and external Connector keyboard
* Mouse: Mini DIN Connector (selectable w/keyboard)
* Speaker: Internal Buzzer and external Speaker Connector
* SCSI: Adaptec 7880, SCSI II and Ultra-wide SCSI Ports
* VGA: C&T 65550 for CRT & LCD flat panel (STN/TFT)
* SSD: 32-pin SSD socket on board support Disk-on-chip up to 144MB
* Bus Interface: ISA / PCI (PICMG SPEC) Bus; PC104 Bus
* USB: Support up to two USB Ports
* Green Function: Controlled by Software
* Dimension: 338.5mm x 122mm