* Heavy-duty steel case
* One 3.5" floppy disk drive bay
* One 9cm cooling fan with air filter
* 6-slot easy-bus backplane
* 250W power supply
Specifications General
* Constructon¡GHeavy-duty steel
* Disk drive housing¡GOne 3.5"¡]1.44MB¡^floppy disk drive bay and one 3.5" hard-disk drive bay
* One 9cm cooling fan with air filter
* Dimensions¡Gwidth¡G10.63"¡]270mm¡^depth¡G6.97"¡]177mm¡^height¡G12.24"¡]311mm¡^
Power Supply
*Output rating¡G250watts
*Input voltage¡G90-135 VAC, 180-260 VAC¡]switch¡^
*Input frequency¡G47-63Hz
*Output voltage¡G+5V@23A,+12V@9A,-5V@0.5A,-12V@0.5A
*Over voltage protection¡G5.5V-6.5V max
*Over load protection¡G110¢M-140¢Mmax
*Safety¡GUL/CSA/TUV Approved
*EMI¡GMeets FCC/VDE class B
*CE Compliant
Passive Backplane
* Slots¡G6 Easy-bus slot for Motion Control board Series
* PC board¡G4-layer PCB with ground and power planes to reduce noise and lower power impedance
* Indicators¡GLEDs for +5V,+12V,-5V,-12V
Environmental Data
* Operating Temperature¡G0¢Xto 50¢J¡]32¢Xto 122¢K¡^
* Humidity¡G5 to 95¢M, non-condensing, 40¢J
Ordering Information
* ERK-6 Easy Bus 6-Slot Chassis
* Include¡G250W power supply