PC-Based CNC Control System
EPCIO-300 motion control module is integrated with high performance and multi-function EPCIO ASIC.
Base on EPCIO ASIC, we develop the standard motion control module system specially for Lathe Machine system
and Milling Machine system. Also it could be applied to Grinding Machine and other 3 axis motion control system
EPCIO-300 include 3 axis position control and 1 axis spindle motor control. At the mean time, it could accept 4 axis
motor encoder input single and 1 axis MPG input. 2 port 64I / 64O Series Communication Remote I/O , total 256
I/O control. 2 channel A/D converter to accept the normal analog voltage input.
EPCIO -300 motion control module only consist 1 pc CPU board and 1pc EPCIO card and could meet and satisfied
Lathe / Milling machine control system requirement. It can save all system dimension and also huge cost down for
hardware and wire / maintain working.
Application :PC-Based Industrial Control System, Tool Machine Control, Semi-conductor position control Industrial
Machine and any 3 axes motion position control system.
* ISA Bus
* 3 Axes Pulse Type Servo Control
* 5 Axes Encoder Input
* 1 Channel D/A Converter
* 2 Channel A/D Converter
* 2 Port 64I / 64O Series Communication Remote I/O
* Size¡G 185mmX122mm(PC Half-Size)
* System Clock¡G20MHz
* Bus Interface¡G ISA Bus , Data Bus¡G16 bits , I/O Address¡G20H , Interrupt¡GIRQ 3,4,5,6,7,10,11
* Motion¡G
¡EPosition Axes¡G3
¡ESpindle Axes¡G1
¡EDDA Cycle¡G50 us¡ã6700 ms Programmable
¡EMax. DDA Command¡G2^10 -15 pulses
¡EVelocity Command Range¡G+ / -10 volts
¡Epulse Output Format¡GA / B Phase¡BPulse / Direction¡BCW/ CCW
¡EError Counter¡G16 Bits DMA channel¡G7
* Encoder ( A / B / Z pulse input)¡G
¡EInterface¡GDifferential or Open Collector
¡EType¡GA / B Phase¡BPulse / Direction¡BCW / CCW
¡EDecoder¡Gx0 , x1 , x2 , x4 ( for A / B Phase Only )
¡ELatch¡G15 trigger signals for each axis
¡EPosition Counter¡G32 bits
* I O¡G
¡ERemote IO¡G128 In / 128 Out
¡ELocal IO¡G5 Dedicate for Power Fail
* D/A Converter¡G1 channel with 16-bit resolution
* A/D Converter¡G2 channels with 12-bit resolution
* Compare Register¡GEncoder Counter
* Interrupt¡G
¡EDrive-pulse output
¡EError Counter Overflow
¡EI/O Input

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