The RMK-101 is an IBM PC/XT/AT compatible 101 keys keyboard designed for 19" rack-mount or
desktop use. RMK-101 keypad is completely sealed, pro-viding total protection from liquids, dust and
other contaminations when used in harsh industrial environments.
The RMK-101 has a speaker, which gives a loud beep sound when its keys are pressed. This feature is
extremely helpful when it is used under noisy factory conditions. This option can be disabled for quieter
* Using membrane key-switch, sensitive to response
* Dust-protected and surface water-proof
* On-board speaker, giving beep sound when keys are pressed
* For 19" rack-mount or desktop use
* Fully compatible with PC/XT/AT¡]101 keys¡^
* MTBF¡G2,000,000 keys strokes
* Dimensions¡G¡]W¡ÑD¡ÑH¡^,19"¡Ñ1.18"¡Ñ5.25"¡]483¡Ñ30¡Ñ133mm¡^
* Shipping weight¡G5.94lbs¡]2.7Kgs¡^
Environmental Data
* Operating temperature¡G0¢JXto 60¢J¡]32¢K to 140¢K¡^
* Humidity¡G5¢Mto 95¢M, non condensation, 40¢J
Ordering Information
* RMK-101
* Rack-Mount Membrane Keyboard

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